Matsumura Sayuri: It is not Kingdom Hearts (o・・o)

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2017-04-17 23:00

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!
On this occasion,
I will be starring in
“Dragon Kingdom ~ The Magical Forest and The Secret Crystal ~”
for the first time as a voice actress!

This anime
will be released on DVD & will be available for rental.
Various events will be held as well!
First of all, tomorrow
from 16:15 ~ 16:59
“Dragon Kingdom Complete Analysis Special!” will be broadcast!
The live broadcast can be viewed
on PC and smart phone, so
for those who have time, please watch it!
Here’s the URL
the rental release countdown event
will also be held ♡
Right now, I am nervous about it, but I will do my best…

Please come by all means ♡
An event will also be held on May 1st!

There will also be a voice over challenge as well!

For details on how to participate, please click here!
Footage of tomorrow’s event

will be uploaded on FRESH! as well!

It will be available starting at 18:00.

I haven’t been on NamaDoru lately and
haven’t done a live broadcast in a while so I am really excited ♡

Here’s the URL
Lately, I’ve been thankfully

very busy everyday.

However, things have calmed down a bit,
so I’d like to properly update my blog!!

matsumura sayuri 0417
I want to change my hair color
I want to do so many things ♡♡
Why can’t there be like 10 days in a week~~
7 days is not enough ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

*Note: The original pictures that Matsumura uploaded were deleted.

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Sasaki Kotoko: Glasses

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2017-05-19 22:00

Lately, I’ve been really wanting to ride a bike.
When I was still a student, I would ride my bike to school, to go shopping, and to go
hang out with my friends. Basically, I would ride my bike everyday.
How nostalgic.
sasaki kotoko 0519.jpeg
Today, HaZAP will be broadcast on BS Fuji from 24:00 ~ 24:30.
Please watch~


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Sasaki Kotoko: Vegetables

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2017-05-12 20:45

Lately, I really think that my body has changed.
I feel like it suddenly changed when I turned 18.
Before I turned 18, when I ate a lot and my belly would be abnormally bulging out, by the next morning,
my stomach would be flat again. Lately, my stomach does not shrink like that any more.
I have to reconsider my eating habits~
First of all, I think I will try to eat more vegetables.
As much as possible.
sasaki kotoko 0512.jpeg
Kana-san took me to dinner.
She treated me to cheesecake (a snack?) and dinner!
And Ayane-chan gave me this dress.
I like green~
Nogizaka46 SHOW
「Fuusen Wa Ikiteiru (The Balloon is Alive)」 starts with a close up shot of me so there may be people out there surprised by that.
I had fun during the recording!
It was also the 2nd stage performance of the Under Live’s Report so I must have been on screen a lot!
I am happy.


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Sasaki Kotoko: Pero Pero

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2017-05-05 13:00

Yuri (Yuri!!! On ice) movie version!
I cannot wait for it!!
Additionally, a BunSuto (Bungo Stray Dogs) movie has been decided. The future is bright!

sasaki kotoko 05051

・bayfm: Frima Paradise airs today from 12:00 ~ 15:00

・BS Fuji: Japacon Presents Agent HaZAP airs today
from 24:00 ~ 24:30
I appear with Ayane-chan.
Please watch!

・Culture broadcast: Nogizaka46’s “No” will be broadcast from 18:00 ~ 18:30
I participated in the recording with Miria and Karin-chan.
Please listen!

sasaki kotoko 05052


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Sasaki Kotoko: Pero Pero

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2017-04-25 12:48

Thank you to Under Live!
I was very nervous before the Live, but once it started, I had lots of fun!
Thank you very much (for coming)!

Sorry that I’m bad at writing.
sasaki kotoko 04251
The lights…!
Actually, I had them do my make-up differently this time around.
Did you notice?
I did part of my make-up and the part under my eyes is hard to do but at the Live, I was able to get it just right.
The lamé was sparkling!
I had fun~

sasaki kotoko 04252

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Sasaki Kotoko: Pero Pero

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2017-04-13 16:12

Yesterday(1961-04-12) was the day that Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin went into space!
I saw some videos of it a little while ago.
It was exciting and thrilling!
Someday, I want to go to Moscow and look at Gagarin’s bronze statue live.
I want to look up at it!

Speaking of Yuri,
Yurio-tan’s Exhibition(Yuri!!! on Ice exhibition video Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX)
For many reasons, I was really excited!!
My heart was pounding like crazy.

sasaki kotoko 0413

Lately, I have been drinking mocaccino every day.
Please come to the Under Live~

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Sasaki Kotoko: Announcement and Various Other Things

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2017-04-07 15:30

Good afternoon!
Today Japacon Presents Agent HaZAP will be broadcast
on BS Fuji from 24:00 ~ 24:30
I will make an appearance!
It will be broadcast every other week
By all means, please check it out!
sasaki kotoko 04051
I ate it before I went to Odaiba
It was amazing… LOL
sasaki kotoko 04052

sasaki kotoko 04053
I went to a hairdresser~
My hair is nice now!
Thank you

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Tani Marika 2017 Appeal Video

This year’s Tani is supposedly very different than last year’s Tani: her room isn’t as dirty as it was before! Let’s support this ugly girl so she can fulfill her dream of ranking up!

Download: MG
Decryption Key: !lHendfMxT-8kudch5K00EYD_ge-BVQZeoEGCklVOrqk

Streaming: DM, VK

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Ear Cleaning!!! Tani Marika!

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2017-05-15 23:37:08

It’s Tani Marika.
tani may 15 Ear Cleaning!!! Tani Marika 1

Today’s daytime news was
talking about ear cleaning.
It’s dangerous to clean your ears too much!!!
was what the featured news said….
I immediately stopped cleaning my ears.
Tani is gullible~(/ _ ; ) LOL

Because it said it is bad to clean them too much!!
Everyone, be careful (^∇^)!
This is an ordeal for people who love to clean their ears! LOL
[Airing at 24:30 Tonight]
Continuing from last year: Kumazaki Haruka, Tani Marika, and Fukushi Nao, the 3 of us
got to appear!!
I am really grateful that we got to appear.

For those in areas where you can watch it, please watch (^∇^)!
It’s funn-funny!!
tani may 15 Ear Cleaning!!! Tani Marika 2

#SKE48 #Musubi no Ichiban
Thank you for your hard work today!
I do see your likes and comments (^∇^)!

I will sleep soon…
So that I will be fully recovered tomorrow ^ ^

Good night Marika.

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Recent Fun Times with Naru-chan! Tani Marika

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2017-05-15 15:18:06

It’s Tani Marika.

tani may 15 Recent Fun Times with Neru-chan! Tani Marika1

I feel healthier than I did yesterday!
Yunkeru’s power is amazing!!!!!!
Really! It’s amazing… Yunkeru.

Recently, what I have been looking forward to is to think about:
“What kind of dream will I have today?”
before bed.
Especially when I’m in a deep sleep (especially at night)

What kind of dream will I see
I wonder what did everyone do today?
I wonder if everyone is healthy?
What should I eat tomorrow. What can I eat tomorrow.

These are the things that I think about.

Among the things I really look forward to are the dreams!
I have only seen strange dreams. LOL

However, I do not remember anything when I wake up(/ _ ; ) LOL
Dreams are mysterious… Right?

Recently, I have been taking pictures with other members. DON!

tani may 15 Recent Fun Times with Neru-chan! Tani Marika2

Ahh, with cute Naru-chan!!!

tani may 15 Recent Fun Times with Neru-chan! Tani Marika3

With funny face Naru-chan!!!!

tani may 15 Recent Fun Times with Neru-chan! Tani Marika4

Solo Naru-chan!!!
Um, I have a problem: … too many photos of Naru-chan in Tani’s folder. LOL
Why do I even have a solo shot? LOL LOL LOL LOL
Fun Naru-chan.
Thank you for reading.

Even though I haven’t updated at all (lately), and because it is ameblo,
I would like to update it as much as possible.

I am waiting for your comment, Naru-chan(^∇^)

〇 Tani’s Twitter

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